The PSRAC Leadership Committee


The Public Sector Residential Aged Care (PSRAC) Leadership Committee (the Committee) was formed in 2012 as an industry advisory body aimed at quality improvement in PSRACS, and in the ensuing years has broadened its focus to include additional priorities including workforce development and planning, improving the image of aged care nursing as a career, and mentorship of young and emerging nurse leaders.

The Committee comprises Executive Directors of Nursing (DON) with overall responsibility for the management of residential aged care within Victorian public health services. The Executive Directors of Nursing on the Committee are nominated representatives from the three public sector DON state-wide committees; these being the metropolitan, regional and small rural DON committees.

The aim of the Committee is to lead strategic, planned and sustainable approaches, to ensure safe high quality care for residents and help address the issues and concerns specific to the PSRAC sector.


10-15 SEPTEMBER 2018

The Celebrating Aged Care Week campaign is about recognising the positive impact that dedicated public health workers make within residential aged care (RAC). Since 2012, the campaign has prompted public sector residential aged care services to dedicate a day of a designated week to recognise the contribution of their residential aged care staff and volunteers.

The Public Sector Residential Aged Care Leadership Committee host these celebrations to highlight the rewarding and crucial work of those caring for our valuable older people living in public sector residential aged care.