10-16 September 2018


The Celebrating Aged Care Week campaign is about recognising the positive impact that dedicated public health workers make within residential aged care (RAC). Since 2012, the campaign has prompted public sector residential aged care services to dedicate a day of a designated week to recognise the contribution of their residential aged care staff and volunteers.

The Public Sector Residential Aged Care Leadership Committee host these celebrations to highlight the rewarding and crucial work of those caring for our valuable older people living in public sector residential aged care.

This year Celebrating Aged Care Week will be held from 10-16 September. The theme of the campaign is We Care; reflecting an appreciation of the public sector residential aged care workforce and the significant role they play in caring for our senior Victorians.

VIDEO: Click here to watch last year’s video of Minister for Housing, Disability & Ageing Martin Foley talk about the importance of Celebrating Aged Care Week.


The balance: taking care of the workforce too

Attend the state-wide celebration and the awards ceremony which will be held at the on Thursday 6 September 2018 – Register HERE 

How to get involved

Register your event with us and your PSRAC service will receive a small batch of merchandise, below you will see online resources to help you plan and promote any activities you choose to host to mark the celebration.

While we don’t want to be prescriptive about how you acknowledge your residential aged care staff during the week, below is a list of ways the Victorian RAC services have celebrated over the years:

  • Morning/afternoon tea

  • BBQ

  • Fun activity with residents such as a dance, theatre, craft, games, sport or cooking activity

  • Public open day

  • Limited open day for family and friends of staff

  • A professional development opportunity for staff; such as an external speaker

  • A presentation from an inspirational speaker

  • Contact local businesses for their support with pro bono services for staff

The committee has established resources/templates to provide the public aged care staff and the general public with information on the Celebrating Aged Care campaign.

Once you have established the details of your celebration, the committee invites you to submit your information by emailing your registration form to Tayla Baumann, Aged Care Project Officer PSRACsecretariat@vha.org.au. We also encourage you to post your events/photos on our social media outlets.

This year will celebrate three awards, highlighting the extraordinary contributions that the PSRAC workforce makes in the Victorian public healthcare sector. The Awards will acknowledge those workers committed to Victoria’s aged care sector through their recognised initiative s in leadership, passion-driven and voluntary capacities.

The 2018 Aged Care Awards include:

  • Aged Care Leadership Award
  • Passion For Aged Care Award
  • Aged Care Volunteer Award

Nominate for these awards by submitting a 100-200 word letter in support of your nominee and attach our cover sheet, email to Tayla Baumann, Aged Care Project Officer at PSRACsecretariat@vha.org.au

The closing date for award nominations has been extended to COB Friday 20 July 2018. Nominees will be shortlisted by a three person judging panel

Attend the state-wide celebrations

Attend, or recognise the values of your Aged Care staff by sending them to, the VHA state-wide celebration and the Awards Ceremony which will be held at the on Thursday 6 September 2018 – Register HERE

Attend the state-wide Celebrating Aged Care Forum and PSRAC Award Ceremony!

The balance: taking care of the workforce too

Date:Thursday 6 September 2018

Time:Registration opens 9.30am | 10am-3.00pm

Location:NAB, 700 Bourke Street, Melbourne.


With a focus on residential aged care, the forum will bring together nurses, volunteers and health professionals from the aged care sector.

The program includes sector innovation snapshots, keynote presentations and networking opportunities as well as a comedy act and the public sector aged care award ceremony.



Aged Care Leadership Award Paul Mark, Wimmera Health Care Group

Paul’s initiative was demonstrated when he was caring for a resident in palliative care. Her family was with her in Horsham but her husband was recovering from a lung transplant in the Royal Alfred Hospital. Paul instigated a short-term transfer for the resident’s husband by contacting a social worker at the Royal Alfred Hospital and arranging for a doctor to oversee his care, ultimately gaining approval and enabling the husband to see his wife.

With the help of the Royal Flying Ambulance services, the couple spent two precious days together. The resident was able to pass away peacefully whilst holding her husband’s hand.

Paul inspires aged care workers to stretch the boundaries in advocating for residents and ensuring person centered care always remains at the forefront.

Aged Care Volunteer Award Raymond Miller, The Kilmore & District Hospital

Ray has volunteered at Dianella Hostel for six years, he is a quiet conversationalist, a ‘doer’, meticulous, and a skilled handyman.

Ray built housing for two resident goats bringing people together to visit, feed and laugh about billy-goat antics.
Ray has also built a garden fountain that includes wall mosaics created by the residents. Residents observe, chat and participate throughout project completion. Ray’s garden works have created a beautiful and dynamic space for residents, friends and families.

Ray compiles the bi-monthly Dianella newsletter, engaging residents and families with news and photos about recent and upcoming activities, encouraging and inviting reminiscing, participation and enjoyment of events.

Passion for Aged Care Award Susan Ritchie, Gippsland Southern Health Service

Sue frequently goes in on her own time, including weekends, to provide high tea, bringing in memorabilia and news items for particular individuals matching their current or past interests.

Sue also sews labels on and provides special care to stains on residents clothing. When the individuals are in need of clothes and slippers, Sue will shop at her local Op Shop supplying these basic needs.

Sue goes out of her way to spend quality time with residents, performing extra tasks like tidying wardrobes and attending to any special requests. On special days such as Mother’s Day and Melbourne Cup day when there are no DT’s around she will decorate drink glasses just to add a touch of celebration. The wellbeing of residents at Hillside is Sue’s passion.

Comedian, Georgie Carroll named the 2018 Celebrating Aged Care Week ambassador!

Georgie Carroll’s talent for bringing laughter to the lives of many has been enriched through her experience as a nurse. Her comedic style encompasses bluntness and charm, coupled with a razor-sharp wit makes her appealing to a wide and varied audience, particularly those working in the health sector.

This year Celebrating Aged Care Week will be held from 10-15 September, acknowledging the enormous contribution of Victoria’s thousands of aged care workers.
‘We’re delighted to have Georgie on board as this year’s Celebrating Aged Care Week ambassador,’ said Committee Chair, Vicki Farthing.

‘Her brand of comedy encompasses her 18 years’ experience as a nurse and appeals greatly to our aged care workers. She understands their experiences in the workplace, which is enjoyed through her comedy.’ Along with performing comedy shows throughout Australia, Ms Carroll has embarked on a television career, appearing as a regular panellist on Channel Ten’s ‘Have you been paying attention?’

‘I’m excited to be the ambassador for Celebrating Aged Care Week and supporting the hard and dedicated workers of the public sector aged care,’ said Ms Carroll.

‘I truly believe that laughter is the best medicine and our public sector aged care workers bring plenty of cheer to their residents, and a high level of quality of care that often goes un-recognised.

Celebrating Aged Care Week is an opportunity for all of us to get behind the work they do and the contributions they make.’