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Lisa Clinnick - Chair

Lisa is the Chair of the PSRAC Leadership Committee. She is the Director – Aged Care Services at Ballarat Health Services. She has extensive Victorian Public Sector healthcare experience and has held a number of education and senior nurse management positions, both in metro, regional and rural areas.

Chloe Keogh

Chloe is the Director of Clinical Care, Clinical Services at Swan Hill District Health. She has worked in a variety of clinical settings and is committed to providing quality and safe living environments for residents requiring aged care in rural and remote areas of Victoria.

Denise Heinjus

Denise has been the Executive Director Nursing Services at Melbourne Health since 2007. She is a trained nurse and midwife and holds a Graduate Certificate in Law and Management as well as a Masters (Honors) in Health Science Management.

Jan Fisher

Jan is the Executive Director of Clinical services at West Wimmera Health Service and has extensive experience in nursing and business management

Katharina Redford

Katharina has 35 years' experience in healthcare encompassing a broad range of clinical, management and leadership roles, and is the Executive Director, Care services at Moyne Health Services.

Katrina Sparrow

Katrina has worked in public health for over 25 years and has held multiple roles in metropolitan, regional and rural health services. She is the Executive Director of Nursing/Site Manager at Maldon Hospital.

Lisa Allen

Lisa has worked extensively across health services throughout Australia and the United Kingdom.. She has spent the last 10 years working in the Victorian public health sector and is the Director of Clinical Services at Beechworth Health Service.

Kathryn Riddell

Kath commenced her career in critical care nursing before transitioning to education and management roles which she has held across both the private and public health sectors. Kath is the Chief Nursing Officer with St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne.