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Consumer Journey

The consumer journey project supports staff working in public residential aged care to gain greater understanding of the experience of people entering residential care for the first time. The resources prepared by the project aim to support staff to deliver best practice customer service, to assist with improved outcomes for future residents, their families and carers.

Customer service webinar

The Public Sector Residential Aged Care Leadership Committee has held a free webinar for staff working in residential aged care. The webinar aims to support staff to improve customer service and ultimately attract new and retain satisfied residents.

To watch the webinar click here

The PSRAC Leadership Committee has developed several resources as part of the consumer journey project to support staff working in public sector residential aged care.

To access the resources click here

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Quality Improvement, Dementia

The PSRAC Leadership Committee has engaged Dr Alison Hutchison, Deakin University to complete a mapping exercise to identify the sector awareness of the available supports for people living with dementia and to address severe behaviour management, and the availability of appropriate training. The report will include a list of recommendations of methods to address knowledge gaps.

By 2020 Australia is expected to have over 400,000 people living with dementia and is estimated to triple by 2050 to 900,000 people living with dementia. This rapid increase points to the need for the aged care sector to rapidly develop capacity for dementia care support and awareness.

The Quality Improvement, Dementia project  will include:

  • a mapping exercise to identify the sector awareness of the available dementia-specific and severe behaviour management support services
  • a review of available, accessible and relevant education across Victoria
  • a final report and analysis which will include a list of recommendations aimed to highlight industry needs with training providers and improve the communication of the dementia-specific and SBMT support and training available to the sector.

Guide for residents, families and carers

As part of the Living Longer, Living Better program, the PSRAC Leadership Committee has developed a guide to support residents, families and carers through the transition into residential aged care

To access the Moving into Public Sector Residential Aged Care in Victoria: A Guide for residents, families and carers here.

Better Care Better Aged Care Funding Instrument

The PSRAC Leadership Committee tailored training for nursing staff in PSRAC facilities aimed at enhancing skills and competence to screen, assess and care for residents, and to meet the Commonwealth Government’s funding requirements. The Better Care Better ACFI (BCBA) training was delivered throughout metropolitan and regional Victoria. The training was targeted at nurse managers, educators and other nursing staff with responsibility for resident assessment, care-planning and ACFI coordination.

To access the training resources contact the PSRAC Secretariat and Project Officer,

Residential Acuity Workforce Modelling for Residential Care

The Committee makes an ongoing effort to improve the quality of care and services in residential aged care facilities. The resident acuity workforce modelling for residential care project focuses on the current methods for assessing staffing adequacy and developing evidence based model to estimate the number, type and competencies of staff required to care for a specific group of residents in aged care settings.

The Acuity Staffing Model was developed to strengthen clinical Governance and provide a guide of staffing requirements to care for a specific group of people with certain needs living in low care aged care facilities. The model aims to embed a person centred care approach within roster development. The Committee has engaged Applied Aged Care solutions (AACS) to lead this project and with three organisations are participating in the pilot study.

A Literary review that is in its final stages of editing, and a financial analysis is also underway to better understand the costs associated with care provision.

Workforce Census Project

The PSRAC Leadership Committee consulted aged care nurses to understand the perceptions and experiences of the positive aspects of aged care nursing. The purpose of this project was to better understand why registered nurses) chose to work in residential aged care.

Six focus groups were conducted across Victoria. Sixty-five nurses from 32 agencies contributed to the project. The consultation report explores eight themes:

  1. work satisfaction and enjoyment of aged care nursing
  2. career pathways in gerontic nursing
  3. team environment
  4. aged care as an option in nursing
  5. positive change in aged care
  6. flexible rostering
  7. public sector opportunities for nurses
  8. recruitment and retention

Access the full report here.

Understanding consumer decision making

The PSRAC Leadership Committee employed Dr Paul Harrison from Deakin University to conduct further research on the consumer decision making process. A report was prepared that outlines the findings and recommendations from discussions with residents of public sector residential aged care and their family members in aged care homes,

This resource provides staff working in public sector residential aged care with an understanding of the considerations made by prospective residents and their families, prior to entering care.